Below is a printable 2023 NFL Playoff Bracket for office Pools. Make sure you pick the Wild Card games first, then once you know who the 'worst' team remaining is from each side of the bracket, you can slot those teams against the Chiefs/Eagles, as they are rewarded with the easiest path to the Super Bowl (so if the Seahawks beat the 49ers as an example, the Seahawks would be the worst seed in the NFC left, so they face the Eagles).

Smitty's Wild Card PIcks: SF, MIN, TB (in NFC)... BUF, CIN, JAC (in AFC)
Smitty's Division Picks: SF, PHI (in NFC)... KC, CIN (in AFC)
Smitty's Conf. Picks: PHI (in NFC)... KC (in AFC)
Super Bowl: KC


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  2. Ezra Falack on January 10, 2023 at 5:04 am

    Love the content 2023 here we fkn goooooo
    Love the rookie rb at#2 all in

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