What to do if you have Kelce?

smitty-thefantasyfootballshowIf you have Travis Kelce right now, you’re probably wondering what to do next. As of this moment, and this could change in minutes, there is still a decent chance Kelce plays Thursday night against the Lions 🦁. His knee is a bone bruise with no structural damage, and while a bone bruise can lead to issues if you play on it too soon, this is the kind of thing that can be quick healing, or take weeks… me saying “take weeks” probably made you panic, however, it sounds like this could be the variety of bone bruises, in the knee, that heals up quickly… He’s a tough guy, and he loves to defy the odds. Don’t be shocked if this thing turns around really quickly in a positive direction. However, if it doesn’t here are some options:

Great Options

Tyler Higbee LAR
Juan Johnson NO
Jake Ferguson DAL

Decent Options

Noah Gray KC
Gerald Everett LAC
Taysom Hill NO
Hayden Hurst CAR
Darnell Washington PIT
Dawson Knox BUF

Of all of those options, Noah Gray could be the safest of the “decent” options, as you know the Chiefs will utilize the tight end position, and Gray has been decent whenever he’s played. His ceiling is probably not as high as the three top options, if they are available, which they probably are not… Higbee should see a lot of targets with Cooper Kupp injured. Johnson is also very nice. Taysom is intriguing if in a bind.

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