LeVeon Bell: Where to rank him in 2019?


Where do we have LeVeon Bell ranked for the 2019 fantasy football season? Well, it’s early on in the 2019 NFL Off-Season, and of course, we don’t yet know what NFL team Bell will be playing for in 2019… however, predicting, and projecting is what we do, so while we will surely adapt and reevaluate his situation once he does find a new NFL home, this is Smitty’s take on LeVeon Bell as of this moment.

LeVeon Bell is a tough player to rank at this point in the 2019 fantasy football off-season, yet, he’s proven. If we assume he lands in a good situation, he will likely find top 5-10RB value even in a ‘good’ situation. If he lands in a great situation, like with the Colts, well, then he goes from ‘good’ to ‘amazing’ in terms of his 2019 fantasy football outlook. Watch for more:

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