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The Fantasy Football Show is a diehard fantasy football video show that runs year-round.

Smitty has been been landing Bold Predictions since 2004, and his show will help you dominate your fantasy football drafts and leagues.

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Track Record:
James Conner (2018) | Patrick Mahomes (2018) | Alvin Kamara (2017) | Arian Foster (2010) | & more
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"I got Patrick Mahomes for almost a ham sandwich over a year ago all thanks to Smitty. He called that one miles ahead of the industry. Thanks Smitty!"
- MattyTwice (User) November, 2018

"I've been following Smitty and his site since the 2005-2006 days when he landed Arian Foster as a top 5RB. No one else thought he was worth owning. Alvin Kamara was his biggest call since then, and then Patrick Mahomes and James Conner this year. Smitty is the man!"
- Bills4life11 (User) November, 2018

"Best fantasy show I've seen!"
Michael-John Wolfe (User/Hollywood Actor) November, 2018

"Smitty knows his stuff and has a long history of making good calls on a multitude of players. His other site, SleeperU, has a forum that is also one of the most active year round fantasy football sites out there."
- LarryD (User) October, 2018