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      DeAndre Hopkins News

      As you have likely heard, DeAndre Hopkins was released by the Arizona Cardinals over a day ago. As of this moment, we don’t exactly know where he will land in the coming days, however, Hopkins himself has dropped several “wish list” locations. He used the quarterbacks as indicators, suggesting that his first choice for 2023 landing spot would be Josh Allen.

      He then followed that up with Jalen Hurts, then Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and then Justin Herbert… in that order! Now, using some pre-NFL Draft logic, it’s safe to assume that the Chiefs and Bills are probably the favorites to land the WR, as those were the only two teams that made serious trade inquiries with the Cardinals prior to the 2023 NFL Draft. That said, this doesn’t mean that a team like the Eagles or the Chargers would necessarily keep the same exact stance given Hopkins no longer requires as large of a contract (and draft capital to trade for him). Meaning, the Eagles (or Chargers) may have thought about trading for Hopkins pre-draft, but 2023 draft capital was a sticking point. And, that makes sense given¬†Hop is older and might have just the 1-2 years left. Things have changed, though, now that Hopkins has been released. I think all of these teams listed are probably sitting inside board rooms as we speak discussing the pros and cons of a Hopkins signing, and I think a team like the Bengals and Cowboys will also get into the mix. Any team that does not at least kick around the idea is making a huge mistake, if not to just prevent the Chiefs from snagging him. If the Chiefs get Hopkins, that might equal repeat.

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      Chris Zinkel
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      My wish list:
      1. Chiefs (I think he lands here)
      2. Chargers
      3. Jets
      4. Giants (they need his help the most)
      5. Jags

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      Chiefs makes sense for him and for them. One year deal with easy to reach incentives.

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      Charles Fox
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      LOL… I sold all my shares of Hopkins so I am primarily concerne ad that he
      dowsn’t go to
      1. Cowboys – I own Lamb and Pollard
      2. Eagles – I own AJ Brown”
      3. Packers – I own Watson and Doubs
      4. Jets – I own Breece on 2 teams and Wilson on another.

      For me, Bills would be fine as I 9nly own Josh Allen. Chargers would be okay too as I own Herbert and I can wait a year for QJ

      I don’t care what “makes sense”. I only care about what’s beneficial for ME

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      Such a selfish take Mr Fox. Ha ha

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      Charles Fox
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      Moi???? Not the least bit ashamed or chagrined.

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      Go to the Bills, its where he wanta to be.

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