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      Is it possible? I say yes, but the beauty is he can be cuffed to McKinnon with ease. Even CEH if you are truly wanting to eliminate all risk. That KC back was elite when you put 17 starts together using only one of them. And, it was kinda easy to know who to roll with.

      Pacheco had the shoulder and hand surgery this off-season, so that is concerning. But, that’s why the cuffing makes it low risk. Offense is insane. McKinnon was a top 3RB for a string of games last year.

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      Fun guy to watch. Can he be a 20 touch a game guy or just that fun 10 touch guy? That’s the question. My gut says he is that 10 touch guy. I’ll take Clyde much later personally.

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      No question Pacheco is a stud athlete and I don’t get why they don’t just put him in there a go.

      That said, I hate the Chiefs and refuse to watch their games EVERY STINKING WEEK in St. Louis. So I have no idea how his is in pass protection.

      I won’t be drafting Pacheco

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      Something needs to happen to old man McKinnon. But definitely within the realms of possibilities

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