Trade Love and Walker for either Mahomes or Josh Allen?

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  • Yes using Walker
  • Yes using Cook
  • Keep Love
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      David Lazoff
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      I have a stacked RB room: Bijan, Pollard, Walker, J Cook, Javonte, Charbs, Allegier. I’ve been incredibly lucky with injuries so far, knock on wood. Mahomes owner and Allen owner need RBs bad.

      Fields on my bench now.

      Seahawks have both tackles injured and Walker’s efficiency was poor. 2TDs made his week. Thinking of selling him high.

      Don’t know if either owner would go for it. I could also try it with Cook, who killed it this week. He’ll eventually be scoring some non-goal-line TDS. I might be crazy but I think I’d rather keep Cook. I think he’s a mini Pollard in the making. Smitty disapproved big-time I know.

      Thanks guys

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      Joseph Mancini
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      right now dont think a Walker/Love gets you a top QB,useable RB’s will pop up on waive wire first 4-5 weeks of season for the Allen/Mahomes owners, if I had either QB I/m not trading I’M keeping them for what you are offering… a Walker owner I probably made a mistake drafting him…..lets see if this works

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      David Lazoff
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      Thanks. I didn’t think it would fly. However the Mahomes owner is a dolphins fan and fantasy newbie and she actually started Tua over Mahomes this week (!) I figured if you’re gonna keep him on your bench you might as well get a good RB and Love.

      Maybe I should offer both Walker and Cook. She doesn’t have a single good RB. The Allen owner has Najee and Mattison. So you can see why I’m tempted to try to get a top QB.

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      David Lazoff
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      I got Walker in the 5th round. A steal, especially now that it’s apparent that Charbs is not an issue. The Seahawks O-line was lousy last year and is in bad shape now. That’s the one downside with Walker imo. His groin doesn’t seem to be an issue (currently).

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      Chris Zinkel
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      Stick with what you have. Love is doing the job and Fields will be a better QB the second half of the year just when Love has been figured out.

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