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Which WR Moon Man to start week 1

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  • London
  • Dotson
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      David Lazoff
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      London vs Carolina
      Dotson vs Arizona
      Drafted London as my WR2 and Dotson for my bench. I think it’s close with McLauren’s turf toe issue. 2WR league and Ken Walker as my flex so I’ll be starting only one of them.


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      I have the same decision to make. I’m leaning Dotson at the moment. I think it’s a better matchup.

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      Ameer Alahmad
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      Who to flex James Connor Dotson or Jacobite

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      Chris Zinkel
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      Trust the volume if McLaurin doesn’t play.

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      David Lazoff
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      Thanks guys
      London is the weak link in my drafted starters – not a bad weak link to have. Down the road I’m thinking of trading London + a good bench RB for a WR upgrade like Ridley.

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      David Lazoff
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      London is catching up in the voting. Lots of factors to consider. If McLauren plays it’s an open question how much he plays – in which case who knows what the difference will be in target share between London and Dotson. Other factors are Pitts is back, and Sam Howell is looking good. In prior years I never analyzed things to this degree.

      Btw I found ESPN’s “Wide Receiver Matchup Cheatsheet” for week 1. Not easy to read (at least for me) but hopefully helpful to others here, for all WR decisions.


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